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Eight Point
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Default RV black tank tote question

So we got an RV and will be leaving it at the lease during deer season. We can not dump our black tank on the property, so was thinking of getting one of those totes. Dump into it, take the tote to a dump site when we leave. My question, is that since 15-20gal in the tank will make it heavy, would it be possible to lift it into the bed of a truck? Meaning, are the handles/tote construction strong enough with a line attached to lift them with a winch? Anyone else do this?
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Ten Point
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Can you dig a hole and put a barrel in it for a small septic system to drain into. I’ve done this a few times and it works good when not overused. Pretty simple fix if possible
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We have to do the same thing on our place. It can become heavy but 2 people can lift it if its full. Make sure to get a couple of packages of the long kitchen cleaning gloves that come up to your elbow.

We load ours on a hitch carrier and haul it to the rv dump site. It works well as its not as high as a bed of a truck and dont have to worry about any spills in bed of your truck.
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Mike Javi Cooper
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I would strongly suggest getting a Macerator Pump and liquifying the solids to make your task much easier... If you do that you can put the tank in the truck bed and pump it full without having to lift..
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Ten Point
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So I have a " honey pot " the one I bought you can tow with anything that has a ball hitch on it .

We have cattle out there so not a big deal to dump way over in the tree line . They do not roll very well in grass .

They do not have a shut off valve on the end of the hose .. so think about capacity of black tank vs your tow-able unit .

I would suggest a gate valve on the honey pot .

I bought a 275 gallon water tote that will get buried this coming year . will be a bit of a project but should work well . .

If I had to transport it in a truck you need a pump and a drum or something . its gravity and when you dump that is also below level when you use these is not as far as when it get close to full its pushing back on your waste line..

Also I would HIGHLY recommend you fill the gray water tank a few times and practice on that first .. just my opinion

This is what I would do if I had to do it to transport it . hands down , as its a really chitty job

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