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Originally Posted by flywise View Post
Yes, as soon as possible
At the speed of government.....
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Originally Posted by Smell the Glove View Post
If we don't trust the govt to get this right I don't see why we trust the govt to make sure the death penalty is done right.
Death penalty is decided by a jury of your peers. Not the government. The government just carries out the punishment passed by the jury. At that point, who cares if a death sentence is botched, just juice them up again, they gonna die and who cares if they suffer? The person being executed didn't care when they committed the crime that got them there. Did they?
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Originally Posted by texansfan View Post

You need to show your work on this one

Please show us where in the DSM it says this
DSM-5, it is referencing eating disorders, but obesity can be from an ED
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wmv video

Originally Posted by Playa View Post
DSM-5, it is referencing eating disorders, but obesity can be from an ED
That would be bulimia and anorexia

You're conflating two medical conditions.
Vince Wilfork is obese but he doesn't have a certifiable "eating disorder"

Did you even READ what you linked???
I'm sure you just googled and posted because if you'd have read it, the conclusion clearly states....

In summary, the Eating Disorders Work Group concluded that obesity should not be included in DSM-5. Obesity is a heterogeneous condition with a complex and incompletely understood etiology, and thus cannot be considered a mental disorder per se. There may be obesity phenotypes that are caused by mental disorder, but research focusing on the role of neural mechanisms in the onset and maintenance of obesity and obesity-related behaviors (eg, overeating) is in its infancy.

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The main issue with the gun buying process today is they do not prosecute prohibited persons who attempt to buy firearms. If you are a prohibited person, you know it. That is one of the main arguments against more prohibitive laws. About 5 years of prosecutions of prohibited persons, and the majority of them would stop trying to get guns that way. Close that avenue, enforce laws on the books before adding new laws.

No one should have their guns confiscated until they are ruled mentally unstable. It should be a panel of multiple doctors, of multiple disciplines. If cleared, you go home to your guns. If not, then you lose your firearms. DUE PROCESS. No elected official should be involved. ADD: A judge would have to declare these findings, maybe a panel of judges.
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