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Four Point
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Default Game cam recs, ideas

I’m looking to pick a few cams this year. I usually use cheap cams, less than 70$.. I thought I had okay equipment. I set these up the other day to monitor my grandmother’s chicken yard. In doing so, I realized I was missing alot of pics, and the range was down to 10ft from camera.

I had coons in my live trap, and no pictures of them getting in the trap or walkign around. I realize it was hot, but 10ft is rediculous. The weather in early bow season is hot, and now I wonder what all ive missed.
I use my cameras to scout out traffic in many different locations, then narrow in on more productive areas. With a 10ft range, I could have missed some good areas in the past.

I was using new batteries, but they were regular batteries, duracell/energizer.

So what are some good camera options under 150$ that I should look into. I am not a fan of WGI, since my experiance with their 70$ line has been horrible. I am not interested in cell capable cameras currently. I want reliable pictures, decent range, and ability to work in warmer weather. Some of the areas I go are far, and not easy to check camera quickly or frequently. I hunt public land, hence was running cheaper cameras for when they get stolen. I plan to psecure better/Hide more this year, so willing to take a chance with more expensive camera.
Ive heard good stuff about
browning strikeforce/dark ops,
Spypoint force10
Ive had good luck with bushnell in the past.

Anybody with recs, experiance. I plan to switch to lithium batteries this year.

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Big pig
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And . . . ?
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Which came first the chicken or the egg?
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Ten Point
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We have Run many different camera and the one that last the longest for us have been the bushnell camera the bone collector series . But the primos gen 2 are pretty good for 90 bucks .another camera that we started running last year are muddy they have them on sale online with batteries and a card for 73 bucks give them a try they are a lot like the brownings!!
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Pope & Young
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I have really liked my covert MP8 cameras they run right around $100. I also really like the one stealth cam g45ng that I have been running for around 3 years now. The coverts vary in age from close to 5 years to 3 years old and all are still running strong. The stealth cam is a little more expensive at 150 ish but is a good cam.
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Bushnell or Browning cameras are all I use. Good price, great pics, no problems.
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Pope & Young
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Browning Strike Force Sub Micro Series, you can buy 1, 2 or 4 for pretty good prices and they are easy to set up, and take great pics. Found the best prices on Amazon and super fast delivery!
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