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Originally Posted by DOUBLE.A View Post
QAD all twe way.

Originally Posted by lubaseball View Post
Qad hdx

Originally Posted by HunterCaleb View Post
I just switched from a biscuit to a QAD I couldn't be happier!

Originally Posted by glocker View Post
QAD it

Originally Posted by GTXHUNTER88 View Post
QAD pro

Originally Posted by wesd31 View Post
QAD hdx is worth the money for sure. the trophy taker is good too

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I had the QAD hunter ; had trouble with avane contact. Tried the QAD HDX and have not regretted my upgrade. Great rest and easy to install.
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Pope & Young
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Originally Posted by adam_p View Post
I thought I would hate it. It is second nature loading an arrow now. I however don't think full containment is necessary.

Not worried about the arrow falling off during a spot and stalk?

I'm looking at bow at my bow shop. It's got the Octane Drop away. I do not like it!

There's no containment on the arrow and 1 out of every 5 shots my buddy needs to put the arrow back on the rest for me....
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Black Joey81
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If you are still in the market for a good drop away for under $100, take a look at the Tru-Glo Downdraft. I have been shooting one for a little bit and I love it.
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QAD HDX is what I have gotten and come back to. I tried the Pro V and my GOD it was LOUD, and I noticed not even a slight increase in accuracy even out to 60+, Not having the full containment was different for me I didnt like it(not necessarily bad, just different). The arrow would make noise if it moved around in the cage and had to go somewhere else with it. I tried the smackdown after that which I would put head and shoulders over the pro v. full containment, just not tight like the qad or ripcord, It has everything the prov has but its quieter, more contained. I go back to the original statement though, QAD is whats on my bows, rock solid, never failed me, no issues with timing. Lifetime warranty.
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