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Default Need Some Help Resetting Scope Zero

Well I’m one of those that used to sight in a scope and just went hunting. I’ve only bowhunted for the last twenty years so nothing has changed with respect to my use of rifles. I bought a Savage Model 12 22-250 about 17-18 years ago (guessing) and I bet it hasn’t been shot 200 times. I’ve recently started shooting it more just for fun. It has a Nikon Monarch 6.5-20X44 (1/8 per click) scope and shoots 3/8” groups with factory Winchester Supreme ammo. It’s sighted in at 100 yards. BUT my problem is that there are 4 full rounds out of the turret as is. I can reset the cap to zero but is there any way to reset the turret to zero? The turret shows to have 7 rounds of adjustment with 5MOA per round. So it’s a 35MOA scope (I assume) which means I only have 15MOA left to adjust for elevation? Is this where a 20MOA base comes in?

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This is where a 20MOA base comes in. Moves some of the adjustment from the low side of your elevation to the high. with just a 20 you should be fine, I wouldn't get anything larger than that or you will have issues sighting in at 100, as in you won't be able to sight in. I did that very thing, bought a 30 MOA for my Lapua and couldn't get on target at 100.
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