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Default Tres' First Bow Buck, a drop tine at that!

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Tres has waited three years to finally arrow a buck. He had hunted this particular buck the whole time. Year one he never got the deer into bow range. Last year he arrowed this deer high in the shoulder, Tres had prayed he would make it through. This year the buck surprised us as he had grown a drop tine. Tres quickly reminded us that this was his buck. He hunted hard through bow season and the whole week of Thanksgiving. He had stated that Christmas break was going to be the time. The buck came in The day after Christmas and gave him a shot. Tres missed shooting over the deer. Disappointed he had blown the opportunity made him more determined to get his buck. The 28th of December found Tres and his older brother Walker in the blind at 2:30. At about 5:00 I get a text that Tres had arrowed his deer with a perfect heart shot. Some what skeptical I ignored the text, these boys are a hand full and are all ways jerking their old mans chain. I finally get a call that they are at camp and where was I. We loaded our dog and headed out for the recovery. Romo was put on the trail and lead us about 60 yards to a dead deer shot through the heart. The celebration stated as Tres could not contain himself. We were all elated for him knowing all the time and practice he has put in to get his buck. Tres shoots a Mission Craze set at 50lbs and arrows tipped with kill Zone 100 grain.

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