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Default Video file question

My sony camera stores video on a micro sd card. When I open the file on my computer there are 2 files per video, for example:

The THM file has nothing on it that I can tell, in fact my computer doesn't even know how to open it. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the 2 different files? Is there a way to have the camera not create the 2 files?
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Ten Point
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The THM file is a thumbnail file. Your camera uses the THM file. The computer doesn't need it and will often create it's own.

These files are usually very small. I don't know if your camera can be set to not create them. They are insignificant size any way.
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Yep, just the thumbnail file your camera creates in order to find and view the clips on the camera itself. They are irrelevant once placed on the computer.
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