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Originally Posted by Mike Murphey View Post
So I now hit them on the opposite side a few strokes and all is good, but I don't think you can call it a single bevel....
If all you are doing is stropping the back/flat side, then all you are doing is removing the bur, and you are supposed to do that. If so, they are still single bevel.

If however you are removing steel from the flat side, then you are effectively changing them to double bevel, but if you're getting them sharp they still work just fine.


I was never saying, or trying to say single bevels will be sharper than doubles. Only saying they can be made just as sharp as doubles.
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Originally Posted by Bisch View Post
Huh???? Not right handed vs left handed.

You need to match the bevel of the broadhead to the helical of the fletching; right to right and left to left.


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20 years ago or so, i bought some grizzlys, this was before the DR.'s report.
they were right bevel, heck didn't know and put them on left helical arraws.
killed a deer. but wasn't happy about the cut, or penetration. then the doc's report came out, but then i was shootin and kill'n critters with AGAIN with the ace's i use'ta use... so i have 2 hand full of grizzlys well a couple less now, put some on for a buddy up in oklahoma ...
NOTE. i never could get them as sharp as a could a ace...
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