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Pope & Young
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Default Who uses Blackhorn 209 powder in their smoke poles?

I have half a pound of it that I haven't used yet. Bought it a couple years ago, but never broke out the Muzzleloader. I'm shooting the Hornady SST 250g sabots out of TC Impact .50 cal. Figured I would start around 100 g by volume (not on a scale) and see how it does. Thought I'd see if anyone had history with this powder.
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Four Point
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I do.

I weighed my charges with a powder scale. Been a while, but think the best in my rifle, was a 90 g equivilant.
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Deers & Beers
Ten Point
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I do. I love it. I measure it by volume.

100gr and 110gr charges work great out of my Knight with 275gr sabots. I'm about to start playing with 120gr loads and 300gr sabots to start pushing how far I can really shoot this sucker..

It's just so nice being about to shoot 15-20 times in between cleaning.. You'll know it's time to clean when the sabot gets really hard to push down..
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Ten Point
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I use it along with a 45cal Hornady 300grain XTP / Harvester sabot in CVA Accura V2 with BH breech plug. It shoots well, hits hard and the barrel doesn't take much to clean.
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Pope & Young
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100gr/volume here for my 250gr Barnes. Nasty
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