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Pope & Young
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Hope he’s not done.

We’d all be guessing to say one way or the other.
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Pope & Young
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Originally Posted by AtTheWall View Post
Shooting 85, making major swing adjustments and using yet another swing coach, at 40 + years old, the odds are stacking up against him with ever winning any tournament again.

2013 was his last competitive season. 2008 was his last major win. Shooting above 80 two times this year, it's not looking good and considering he's supposedly physically healthy now, pulling off another win at the tournaments he opts to play in is very slim.

Here's why it's going to be a tough haul for Tiger. He doesn't play in cheap payoff tournaments. The few tournaments he opts to play in, have high payoff earnings, and these tournaments bring, the best the game has to bear.

He's human and shooting badly over the course of these past 2 years has been tough to witness. He's now at 181 on the tour list and players above 125 tour rankings, need exemptions. In Tiger's case this is sponsorships, major championships, and tournament win guarantees of winning specific tour events, to remain active with a PGA Tour card and or the ability to play in specific tournaments.

It's utterly sad to witness but, this game is not kind to those who break-down, making drastic changes to their swing fundamentals and swing coaches. I'm not seeing it in his game, and much of what has happened to Tiger, has been Tiger's fault. His core game, his swing genius that got him where he's at in golf history, has been tossed aside, and the mental side of playing at that level, with changes that take years to groove....time is against him now.

The greats who played at extreme level, during their latter years, Bernard Langer, Watson, Nicholas, Player, Floyd, Trevino, Couples, Palmer....each and everyone of them, maintained a swing style, that aged with them through time.

Tiger has torn his swing down so many times, he is now caught going back to 3 or 4 different swing styles when his swing starts to breakdown. It's tough enough to play the game as it is, it's next to impossible to play the game, modifying every facet of your swing approach, every given 4 - 6 years.

His long range putts, the bread and butter to many of his wins, has waned. Even his short-game has now found the elderly yips.......a well known issue with many greats in the game of golf.

The pressure Tiger has put himself under.....he's aged his golf game quicker than many of the other greats of the game. It's sad to watch is what it is.
I agree with a lot of this but he can be competitive if he truly chooses to be. Heck, he just shot 4 or 5 under in the Open. Is he going to dominate, absolutely not.
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Originally Posted by rtp View Post
He done.
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You can be done and still make bank. He and many others have proven that.
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Ten Point
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Yes he's done for today anyway. Stopped being a fan yrs ago but still has the skills to win again.
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Far from it!
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Pope & Young
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I believe if he can stay healthy he can compete often. I know it's a big if but it is what it is... Just my .02
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he'll win again and again.<><
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