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Default Learning to Tune

Guys and gals -

So Iím taking a different tack with bowhunting this year. That is, Iím trying to put in more time to the preseason, more time to learning, more time to observing. Iíve spent a dedicated amount of time trying to just Ďget into the brotherhoodí by putting a deer down (Iíve yet to kill anything with a bow, admittedly, despite being involved for the last 4 years). Now, though, Iím going to focus on learning to be a habitat manager and an archer. If I can put these together this year, fantastic Ė Iíll be thrilled.

I started off this year picking a whole new side of the property thatís as-yet unmolested (for the last few years) and tomorrow Iím going down there to weed eat and weed kill in prep for a fall kill plot (itís an extremely small area). Iíll take some pics.

The other side of this year has been getting myself up to Cinnamon Creek and saying, Ďhelp me tune my bow.í So, I think my bow is almost to where it needs to be, but the sighting-in is still happening, which is on me. Hereís my question for the veterans and those that have done some custom work (ultimately, I want to build my own arrows) Ė if you have an idea of the total arrow weight you want to be shooting, but havenít tuned, where do you start?

Example; if you know you want to shoot a 250 grain broadhead, do you go get a pack of 250gr field tips, then look at an arrow chart for your spine? I imagine once this is done you start tuning your bow for the combination? That sound right?

And, follow up Ė if Iím drawing 60 at 27.5Ē and use that setup (250gr field points to mirror the broadhead Iíll use) and just cannot get the arrow to tune, whatís the best next step?

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Arrow spine charts will be of little use to you when adding a significant amount of weight. Most of them are based off 100 grain tips. As far as weight selection it should be based off the total gross arrow weight you are looking for. Select the appropriate spine and since you donít have a lot of seat time with EFOC builds I would opt for the reaction tuning methods enewman uses.

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