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happy bowhunter
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Originally Posted by DirtyDave View Post
Shoot the fawn too
Awful good eating
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My personal rule is I never shoot a doe with a fawn with it. I don't have an issue with those that do, especially to put needed meat in the freezer. But if we are being honest, a very low percentage of hunters are hunting for that reason alone. Otherwise they could buy lots of meat for a lot less than they spend on hunting. My opinion is that if it's lawful means and you want to shoot it, go for it. I try to only kill large does if I take one. We have a lot more bucks on our property than we do does so I'm selective on the does I shoot.
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I won't do it, seems if I wait long enough I can find a solo...
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Ten Point
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Originally Posted by sharpstick35 View Post
when you hunt axis that breed year round fawns and fetuses are always an issue. when they are travelling in a herd of 30+ it makes things more difficult. the last one I shot had an older fawn in tow and was 3 months along with the next one.
I have killed more axis does than I can count and never, not once, did they not have a fetus in them. Suckers are prolific.
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