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Ten Point
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Default Beware !!! Publishers Clearinghouse SCAM.

My wife got a fb message from one of her friends asking if she had been contacted by PCH about her winnings. Wife said no and the friend gave her a phone number to PCH Agent that she could text to see if she won. Her friend said she contacted this number and recieved 150K cash in a couple of days and wifes name was on the winners list. . Wife immediately thought this has to be a scam but her friend assured her it was legit, So wife texted the agent asking if she was a winner. Agent replied asking for her name. She replied and sure enough she was a class A winner and all she had to do was tell them where to send the money and to pick how much she wanted to win. If she sent them 2k she could win 150k, send them 3k and win 175k and so on all the way up to sending them 50k and get 1.5 mil. Wife then called the fb friend to see if she had been scamed and sent money and her friend didnt know anything about this.

Evidently her friends fb account had been hacked and her friends were getting this message. I told the wife to reply to them telling them that's OK but that she had a better offer from a Nigerian prince. She said no. How do they hack a fb account and send messager with her friends picture just like it is the friends real fb account? Which was the only thing that made my wife think this might be legit

So beware if you get a PCH text from a fb friend saying your a winner.
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Ten Point
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See if law enforcement can get involved and set up a sting on them.
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Pope & Young
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Why would you have to send money to win money that you supposedly already won? Should have been a huge red flag.....
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Pope & Young
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Heck i didnt have to send them any money! All i had to do was send a copy of my drivers lic, Social security card, and my bank account number so they could wire the money. Ill have it in five business days or so.. Im gonna be rich i say!
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Pope & Young
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PCH doesn’t contact you. They either show up or by mail with certified letter.
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Pope & Young
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That's what I thought when Texas Parks and Wildlife called and told me I had won the Grand Slam.
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Pope & Young
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Easy for me. No Facebook !
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