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Default Efoc vs foc test

Built two arrows. Blackeagle Carnivors 300 spine. Ctc 24 3/8. With 2 in vanes

Arrow (A). Has a total weight of 521.4 with foc of 27.27
Arrow (B) has total weight of 522.2. With weight tube. Foc of 9.85

This is as close as I can get with arrows. I cannot control dynamic flex. I also do not know how much of a factor that is.

Both arrows shot from an apa m5 at 26.6 draw at 66 lbs. all shots where with hooter shooter

Arrows shot from 20 yards to 60 yards. Arrow (A) was high at 20 by around 1.5 inches. By 60 yards the arrow (A) was an averge of 5 inches. All groups where shot 3 times.

I could see a little wiggle in arrow (B) in flight. Arrow (A) looked like a dart. I'm sure this may have caused some flaws. But either way an arrow with same weight or close with higher foc did not nose dive.

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