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double bogey
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The pain with mine before the surgery was more than the pain after. Warm salt water easy rinses after for a few days.
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I had mine out when I was a teenager. They put me under. I was pretty sore for 3-4 days.
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Default Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Just do it. I had all of them out at once and impacted so they were cut out. I didnít eat much for solid food for a week but was back at work the next day.

And do the sedation, youíll thank me later...

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Originally Posted by LlanoHunter10 View Post
Chose this because it's only $376 to do extraction with numbing agent and laughing gas vs. $1145 for sedation and extraction. Obviously this is all after insurance. Cant afford that.

Oral Surgeon here and youíve gotten some pretty good comments. Of course everyone is different, but age is one of the biggest risk factors for difficulty. Almost always harder as you get older. I guess Iím biased, but I would also recommend an oral surgeon and sedation. Just makes everything smoother, faster, more comfortable, and that translates to less pain, less swelling, faster recovery. Seems like maybe your insurance isnít covering sedation? Based on the figures above, that would be my guess. It is usually covered, but there are so many different plans these days and some donít cover it. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions. Youíll do fine!!
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