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Pope & Young
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Default Ha! Trump and Mattis are Geniuses

Quote from an Admiral overseeing the Pacific situation with North Korea right now.

"Harris said he believes "America's future is linked" to the Pacific, even noting a possible migration of Islamic State militants back to the region as U.S. forces push to regain former ISIS territory in the Middle East. "

ISIS may well be the most dangerous enemy we face right now because they are not an organized army and will blend in with innocents, making ferreting them out almost impossible and no "authority" to sign a treaty to end the war.

"Lil Kim" Jong Un might be the only leader in the world dictatorial enough to suppress Extremist Muslims.

Export Middle East Muslim Extremist to NK, let "Lil Kim" supress them for a while until the become run of the mill NK serfs.

We are adept at fighting an actual military force like the NK Military.
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Pope & Young
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I guess that is a plan. if it works that is great by me.
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