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Default Gap Aiming

While I shot instinctive for about 35 years, I had to change about 12 yrs. ago due to an inability to get my instincts to work right. I don't know what happened, maybe several eye surgeries had something to do with it. I shot NFAA archery for quite a few years in bowhunter division. I developed a gap system to aim and used the bow to gap off of. It worked quite well but only worked with the bow held vertically.

Knowing that it wouldn't work well for hunting I started to read as much as I could on other peoples gap system. It seemed gapping off the point was the way to go, however if I hadn't already used a type of gapping in the past I wouldn't have been able to do it as no ones explanation was very good.
I've taught several people to shoot using the gap in the last few years and have found a better way to explain it. I personally believe it is a superior way to shoot and has several advantages over other methods if you shoot 3 under. If you don't then there is too much distance between your eye and the arrow which would make the gaps just too large.

Here is the way I teach people to shoot the gap. You start with the target and you draw your own. It has a big plus sign with dashes every four inches above and below the plus. Here it is. The first picture is the target and the second is a close up of me shooting to show where my anchor is. It looks like my left eye is closed but it's not, the sun was bright from that direction.
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