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Four Point
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Default Swagger Bipod

Anyone use a swagger bipod? Looking at one for my next AR build they seemed to be loved by some of the users, I would love some fellow TBH users advice!

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Gary Roberson
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I use them and love them. When I first saw the product, I was not a fan as it looked "clunky" and was something else to clutter my rifle. I am a predator caller and use them almost exclusively when sitting on the ground. The spring loaded legs allow me to adjust to an incoming critter without any noise and most times without having to adjust one of the legs individually. I can drag across my legs, rock or bush and it will flex but go back in place. This product is NOT like a Harris bipod, much more flexible and versatile.
I think the best testimony for them is when I took two young ladies that had hunted very little and none, sitting on the ground to call coyotes. They had to adjust to every coyote that responded and no one missed a shot. When I asked them how they were able to pull off the great shooting, they said accurate rifles, great optics and the Swagger Bipods gave them a solid rest.
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As Gary said above, they are great. I have never seen one on an AR but I'm sure it would be the same. I do a lot of predator hunting on the ground as well and have done the homemade shooting sticks, caldwell/harris bipods, and bog-pod/trigger sticks, the Swagger bipods have been better for me than the rest. I like to "lock" them into place by pressing the button and pushing the legs in when I sit down, still lets the legs have mobility but not too much like if you leave the springs out.

The only thing I have found somewhat annoying is that sometimes the legs loosen themselves and you may have to tighten them back up in order not to sink under the weight of the gun.

Anyways, yes. Worth the money.
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Four Point
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I've been seeing them on TV and decided I wanted to get one to try. Hopped online to buy and was halted dead in my tracks when I saw the price tag. I, like you wanted to hear more about them before I dropped that much for something that takes up that much real estate on my gun. Glad to hear that some people really like them, maybe I'll get brave enough to spend that kinda money on one some day.
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