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Default Dec 1st Kansas Buck

After hunting KS public land for four years I was invited to hunt private land by a fellow Texan I met on my way home from last Kansas hunt. The first hunt up there this fall produced a big doe. The biggest one I have ever killvested. We made plans to go back two weeks later.

The weather two weeks later was nasty. The roads iced up on us and the farm was covered in about half inch of ice. We lost power twice. Thank God we had huge propane wall heater. Kept the cabin nice and warm. Due to the ice we were limited to the stands we could hunt. The landowner and I doubled up in a ground blind twice. He could shoot a doe and I was after a buck. His brother-n-law hunted the only other ground blind.

We saw very little movement, but kept entertained by an actual two point. One main bean that branched. He came by every hunt to feed. The weather had improved to clear skies, but freezing temps in the morning. Every thing was freezing over solid. I headed to the ground blind again and the landowner hunted a ladder stand about 200 yards away.

Like a lot of us do on these hunts we text each other. Well I was on a group text with Landrover and a bunch of other guys. It was very entertaining. Around 8:20 I got a text from the landowner the two point was heading my way.

I caught movement out the far left window and it was NOT the young buck! It was a nice 8 point with a kicker of the left G1. I was shaking so bad. The buck would not turn and give me shot. What seemed like forever He finally turned to his right. Gave me a quartering away shot. I started the draw ,but the buck moved back. He did this twice. Finally, he held his position and I came to full draw.

I settled the pin and touched the release. The thump sounded like I hit a watermelon. He bolted to the north and I watched him stumble once before I lost him in the cedar. I started shaking really bad and my stomach was all knotted up. I texted my buddy back home and told him I just shot a nice buck. I sent a text to the group letting them know I shot a buck as well.

The landowner got a text and he wanted to come over. I said I was going to wait until 11 before getting out of the blind. I was honestly shaking and freezing but trying not to rush out of the blind. At 10 the landowner was texted and said he was coming over.

I gathered up my gear and walked over to where I shot him. The ground was still covered in ice, but the trail he took was easy to follow. I walked about ten yards and saw him lying in the grass. He went 49.5 yards according to the rangefinder. I sent a picture of him in the grass to the group. This was the best birthday present ever!
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