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Default One last question on elite before I order it in.


After a couple of phone calls it's clear now that I can't get an I34 in to try unless I'm ordering it to buy, so really I'm buying it sight unseen.

My last question is in regards to Brace height.

With my bear Mauler it has a BH of 6.75" and I've never really had any issues with that. I know the I34 is a 6" and I always hear about how much difference there is between a 6" and a 7" brace height.

Bearing in mind I plan on hunting out to 70yds with this rig too with my 530ish grain arrows.

I don't know what my form is like, I just don't know enough archers and not having a shop anywhere near me to tell me if it's fine or not. I can shoot pretty well out to 70 yards and only seem to miss when I pull the shot myself if that's any indication.

My question is, is there honestly that much difference between a 6-7" BH? And especially in regards to the I34 for people that have shot it.

It's 1030am here at the moment and today is the day I want to order my bow. Unless I can be put off I'll buy the I34 otherwise I'll lean towards the E35. I'm planning on putting my order in before close of business at 5 so I've got 6 1/2 hours to hear some advice from you guys!

Shooting them sight unseen isn't ideal but unfortunately I'm between a rock and a hard place in that regard.

Many thanks!

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