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Default Team Chicken Wang Plus....etc etc etc...

Hey hey! Welcome back!! 2018 Bownanza for the best team combo at the show is here! Team Chicken Wing Plus in da Howza!

As Todd says, we are a team of many colors under a giant umbrella....errr .....tent! No time like the present to start the planning and fun as we are two months out and getting a semi-late start.

I'm just gonna throw last years list up and we can go from there. As always if you want to participate, add your name, copy the whole list and re-paste in the next post. Remember just because somebody's name is next to an item doesn't mean that item is fully covered. Ask if you need to. We always need more tables, chairs, and popups. New folks wanting to join a team...pull up a chair and join us. Looking forward to a great time!

Here we go!

Cash donations for chicken wingettes, drumettes:

Fiesta Chris's Steak Seasoning -
Other dry seasoning - Smart
Ranch Dressing -
Blue Cheese Dressing -
Other Wing Sauces - Kactus Killer/Smart,
Vegetable oil for marinating chicken (1 gallon) -
Big wing sauce tossing bowls - Smart
Paper serving boats (2lb size $12.98 at Sams) for chicken and desserts -
Forks for dessert-
2 rolls- Aluminum foil heavy duty -
Aluminum pans - Smart (30)
2 gallon (actual 2gallon sized not one gallon size) Ziplocs - 2 boxes for marinating chicken -
Plastic serving spoons or cake spatulas for Team Dessert-
Paper towels -
Cheap table cloths for Wings and Dessert-
Duct tape for table cloths (several rolls) -
Cleaning supplies -1 bottle Clorox wipes/1 dish liquid-
Latex gloves -
EZ UP Shelters- Todd (5-6)
Zipties -
Tables - Todd (5 million ), Jason (2 large, one small),
Chairs (Bring your own and bring an extra if you can) - Smart extra 3-4 white plastic folders
Grills- Todd's big gas burner - Skloss big gas burner
Tongs - Smart (4 longs sets for grilling) (5-6 small sets for the chicken pans)
Propane bottles - Todd (1), Smart(1)
Cutting boards - Todd
Generator- Todd
Fire extinguishers -
Trash bags -
Trash can- Todd
Shirts Ė Todd
Dum Dum suckers-

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