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Ten Point
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Default Deer density and surveys

Txwhitetails question got me thinking about these pieces of information. Most places that are managed do have surveys done and recommendations for the amount of deer to be harvested.
I'm aware that MLD properties have surveys done as part of their process to have such a license.
My question is how many of you are on places that do have surveys done?

The only place that I am aware that ever had a survey done was a family ranch that I hunted over 20 years ago in Ozona. Wasn't MLD and it was by invite only. One of only rules that the landowner had was you must shoot a doe before you shot a buck. Lots if folks found it tough just to shoot a doe.
2500 Acres, I believe their numbers were between 30/40 to be harvested maybe 10 of those were bucks taken.
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Pope & Young
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My place was on MLD until I realised that the cons exceeded the pros for me. I never had much faith in the surveys for two reasons.

1. The camera survey counted the same deer over and over and I had no faith in the formula to separate that and prove the results.

2. Buck dispersal during the rut, made the survey null and void IMO, because we almost never saw the bucks I fed all summer. The bucks we killed were usually bucks that showed up on cameras three days to a week before we killed them.

I've been out of MLD for five years now, and I don't miss it. I still monitor the fawn crop and look at the bucks (through cam pics), but I ain't banking on these bucks showing up on opening day.

A larger place would probably have better results, mine is only 217 acres.
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Mike Murphey
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We are MLD and have surveys done via helicopter.
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Ten Point
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Originally Posted by Mike Murphey View Post
We are MLD and have surveys done via helicopter.
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