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Four Point
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Default Cheap Samick bow for long draws

A lot of people like the Samick Sage for people just getting started in traditional archery my self included. The Sage is a cheap 62" bow that might feel a little short for longer draws.

This might be common knowledge, but I recently discovered that Samick Sage limbs will fit on a Samick Polaris riser. The Polaris riser comes in a longer 66" version for $60. This will make a 66" recurve with Sage limbs.

If you can find some discontinued Samick Journey limbs, this will make a 68" recurve.

You will lose a few lbs. of draw weight with the longer riser and I think I would limit myself to 45lb limbs or less with this setup.

When you are starting out, it is so important to get a bow that fits and that you can handle. This can be a real challenge for guys with long draws.

If you have a really long draw you might want to consider a light and cheap Polaris setup and then you can shoot comfortably all day long.
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Ten Point
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Good info!!
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60 Deluxe
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Yes, so find some 50 or fifty five pound Samick Sage limbs and you will be about right.
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Briar Friar
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Thanks for sharing the tip!
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