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Default DIY paint on Suburban

Any pointers to share on painting a vehicle. I am looking a dummy proof paint to start out with as this will be my first paint job. I have done much prep work on past projects and understand the prep is everything to a degree as I do not know it all. The Suburban will be used for advertising for one of our shops that is not in the best location. The city has restrictive codes for signs to use for advertising. So I my plan is to have a company vehicle and paint the burb bright pink, which is our shops main color. Then put our logo on it and park it with in view of a major traffic area to help capture attention and stay with in the city codes. All that said, it does not need to be perfect as it will mainly sit in a parking lot the rest of its life. I picked it up for 500.00, so its not a beauty queen plus our shops are antique vintage stores, so perfection is not needed. The burb is a 2 tone marron/silver. I am guessing I would do best to use a light grey primer before shooting the pink? I am being told a single stage acrylic enamel is the way to go. I was hoping for pointers from the GS
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Have you thought about a wrap?
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