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Default Water Heater wiring questions?

Alright, I consider myself a pretty sharp guy but for the life of me Iím lost when it comes to figuring out my water heater. Electric, dual elements.

Noticed a definite drop in the amount of hot water that was available. Took my meter in and measured resistance across both elements. Had 14 ohms across one and nothing across the other. Replaced that element and still the same. Checked the element I pulled out and it reads 13 ohms. The element that Iím reading no resistance across has 120 between ground and each side of the element.

Went to the store today and bought a rebuild kit that included both the upper and lower thermostats and two elements. Changed it all out and Iíve got the same thing as I started with. Itís wired up just like the view on the left.

Is anyone familiar with how the circuit is supposed to work on this thing?

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Are you sure, you have the correct voltage coming in ?
L1 and L3 ?
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Check voltage to ground at the lower element. You can check voltage drop while it is in operation by putting the meter on AC voltage then just putting each lead on one of the screws on the element as well. Basically, if you put one lead on each side of the element in question, and you see what is the nominal supply voltage to that element, you have an open circuit. If that is the case, your new element is no good. You can do the ohm check as well, this is just anther method that doesn't require turning the power off. You can check the upper element, get the voltage drop reading, then do the same with the lower element. that should tell you if the elements themselves are OK. If you can't get voltage to the element, then you have either an issue with the thermostat for that element, or the contactor supplying it.
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Only one element will be active at a time

Make sure both hot wires are hot.

Is you water not as hot or are you running out of hot water sooner than normal?

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