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Ten Point
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Default Bolt Catch Broke

I have an AR-10 in 308 made by Anderson that the bolt catch is messed up. It won't lock open after the magazine is empty shooting or if you pull it back by hand when the magazine is empty.

My question is will any AR-15 bolt catch work on an AR-10?
Are they manufacture specific?
What is the best kind to get to replace what came on the gun?
I have tried 3 different magazines and it did the same thing on all three.
Is there anything else that would cause this?
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Tony Pic
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Did you build this rifle/lower?
Occasionally the ball detent is forgot to be put on front of the spring for the bolt catch to pivot on. So whlie it does push back it does not have enough umph to hold it open.
My most dreaded part whn assembling lowers.
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Ten Point
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This one right here.. works awesome in mine
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Ten Point
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Love the phase 5 volt release.
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Six Point
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No, they’re not compatible with an AR-15. But almost any AR-10 bolt catch will work. I really like the Seekins Precision one. But make sure you upgrade the spring and detent too, as that’s probably where the problem actually is. I’ve had a bolt catch not work due to friction of the detent, so now I polish and lube the hole (TWSS)
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