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Default String Stop Question

Just upgraded my 2010 Hoyt Turbohawk to a Hoyt Powermax. Pretty pleased with how smooth and fast it is and it has a better let-off and back wall, but I was surprised by the twang of the string stop. I have never used one before so it seemed noticeable to me. I assume this is the usual but does anyone prefer to not use a string stop? pros/cons?

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The con is, bow companies make them cheap!

Get a solid steel or Aluminum one from Coolhandluke over at AT and you will be surprised at the difference. Probably the best $20 you will ever spend on your bow.

Bow Rattler is also a great aftermarket string stop, just a tad more expensive though.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention the Ktek string stops. I have never used one but they are a fine bit of engineering and execution; and people that I know that do have one really like it.

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They can be noisy as you noticed. I’ve seen tournament archers remove them, but generally hunters leave them on as the string stop keeps the string from traveling forward where it may hit your arm or clothes. Since hunting clothes are generally bulky that can create some inconsistencies.

I’d also look at how you have it set. A good starting point is to have it just barely touching the string at rest, no gap but also no pressure on the string. I’ve not heard of people needing to replace the Hoyt stop. Bowtechs often need to be replaced but I think the Hoyt ones are generally solid.

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