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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Tatonka creek ranch review

So I've been meaning to get a review up here for awhile now. So this was my first exotic hunt. I'm fortunate enough to live in northwest CO where I can chase elk, mule deer, and antelope all fall but by March I'm over winter. Just so happens my in-laws live in San Antonio. We were headed down for the kids spring break anyways so I thought I'd give exotic hunting a try. I didn't want to spend a ton of money and didn't know what to expect so after looking around I found the discount ram hunts at tatonka creek ranch. This was before I discovered this site. Anyway I booked a hunt for me and my brother who met me down there. The owner john was helpful and answered all my questions honestly. We got down to the ranch in benavides on Tuesday afternoon. John sent me text to give us instructions to let ourselves in and get comfortable. The lodge was nothing fancy but it was clean and comfortable. My only complaint about the lodge was that the hot water was out. Our guide Anthony arrived promptly at 8 as promised. And we went out to the fenced in area where the Rams were. We did have some entertainment in the form of about 30 bison in the yard at the lodge when we woke up. We drove around for a bit on the mule then got out on foot a couple times to look closer at some Rams. I wanted a full curl Corsican with a nice beard so after looking at several Rams to figure out exactly what I was looking for Anthony said he knew one ram with a tight full curl and a great beard that I might like. He also said no one seemed to want him because of his tight curl so he made me a deal and said if shot him he would only charge me $345 instead of $495. As soon as we found him which took driving the sendaros for an hour I knew I wanted to shoot him. Lucky for me the group he was in was in a good spot for me to sneak up to within 20 yards and kill him. I couldn't have been happier with the morning hunt and had a great experience with taking my first exotic. That evening we sat in blind with corned roads and saw fallows, nilgai, red deer, whitetail, Catalina goats, and Rams but not the pig we were after. The next morning which was our last hunt my brother killed a $295 Texas dall. His hunt was easy since he didn't have his bow and had to use his rifle. Personally even being a small ram I thought he was a cool looking animal.

All said and done it was fun and I would go back. Hard to beat the price if nothing else. I wish the hunt had been a little more diy. Also the one thing I would have done differently after driving 2 and half hours south of San Antonio would be shoot 2 animals next time.
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Congrats on your ram!

Your experience there was better than mine, seems like they got their act together more since I was there
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Me and 4 buddies went out there Spring of 2015. We had an awesome experience on a guys get a way weekend. One buddy killed a ram on the Friday evening we got there with his bow and the rest of us killed on Saturday. Spent Saturday evening telling lies, grilling and drinking some beer. The lodge is nothing special but we didn't need anything fancy. Glad your hunt was successful!
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Nubbin' Buck
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Oh and since this was my first exotic hunt I wasn't sure about how Rams would taste but I took a chance. I found that at first it had a nice mild flavor especially compared to mule deer buck but it was a bit tough. Not as good as elk but good. Ranked somewhere around pronghorn antelope for me. After dry aging it at home at 38 degrees for 10 days I butchered it and found the backstraps were tender and had great flavor. Since I already had deer, elk, and antelope burgers, steaks and roasts in the freezer I turned the rest of the sheep into snack sticks and jerky. Everyone I work with wants to shoot one now.
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