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Default I want to build a winch up feeder

Why not ?

I'd say if you had connections for items you can even get an electric winch under that budget.

I get 55 gallon drums for free with covers.

Items to use

Inside funnel -$20
Barrel handle $40
Feeder motor 12 volt $60
Winch - $15-$75 depending on your taste.
Cable wire - $25
Cable pulley -$5-$15

Mount winch to a tree, mount pulley to an overhead tree about 12-15 high.
Run cable thru pulley and attach to barrel handle. Done.

BTW, I've seen closeline pulleys used and they work great ! You must make sure your cable will ride true in the pulley rail and not derail.

Personally I hang my feeders. Bottom no less than 8.5 feet from the ground and 5 feet lower than overhead branch. Both done to keep bears away.

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