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Great advice. I am trying to learn, I have had a few problems at the local shop( the guy thinks his bow is the best in the world and if you dont have one like him you will never be good and it made him a gold medalst an all that. I have spend hours asking questions about bows and differnt types of wood keeps going back to his bow he wants to sell me for 900 bucks). I find the web is a great help. I like this site better thank archery talk But one thing I have found with all the wonders of the web, yea cant beat havin a shop where you can hold, drool, shoot and shoot again and again, and ask and ask. Tomorrow Im goin to Durnago to go to a shop over there to ask some more questions, ( kinda sucks you have to drive for an hour to get to another bow shop). Thanks for all the help guys.
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