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Search for foc threads here. There is a big one.
I have several threads on spine.

You need to look up Dr. Ashby. Start reading. Need to do this before building arrows.

Look at getting ontarget2 spine program. It's 20 bucks.

Your going to need a saw and a arrow shaft square tool and a good fletchings tool. I like bitzenburger

Then after reading ashby you need to decide on what you want for an arrow.

How I pick a weight on arrow is what is the slowest speed I'm willing to shoot. Then I build a efoc arrow to that weight.

If your going to build your own arrows you also need to start indexing your shafts. Several threads on here about this. I've tested most of all of them. Some people believe some don't.

Fletchings. Lots of them. I use fletch flex. Some of the quietest on the market if that is a concern. It is for me.

This is just a start.

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