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Originally Posted by Drycreek3189 View Post
My 217 acres in Rusk Co. The yellow dots are my property lines.
The red dots are rifle blinds, the white are penned feeders.
The green dots are food plots. The purple dots are bow hunting stands, one blind, one tripod. The brown outline is a 14 acre six year old clearcut.

Only my my friend and I hunt this place. The rifle blind (red dot) just right of the center is almost unhuntable because it's in a creek bottom and the wind is funky. The last two years I've had great luck using an Ozonics in a Dillon 4x6 blind with the wind SE and NEVER more than two windows open. I slide in right to the back of the blind (in cover) with my cart and I'm in the blind with the Ozonics unit running in five minutes or less. It's the only way I can hunt this blind and I save it for perfect wind and the rut. All the other blinds have strict parameters for wind direction and we never push it. This means hunting somewhere you'd rather not sometimes but IMO it's worth it.

I used to run five feeders but that was too many. If I didn't live an hour away, I'd take them all out and just pour corn in the pens, but as I hunt 3 other places it would just be too inconvenient.
An hour away? That is nothing and I'd most defiantly hand corn if I lived that close. I drive that distance to work daily give or take 15 mins.
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