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Originally Posted by mills650 View Post
You could have saved yourself a lot of work by just buying the hog panels.
The first time I put up one I overlapped the joints and tied them together at 6 places, and then put a t-post every 8'. I got lazy on the next one and put a t-post every 16', one per panel. The hogs didn't test it. Now I don't even overlap the panels and just connect them at the top & bottom. Haven't had a hog get in yet, and I've got a LOT of hogs. If they learn to plow through my weak setup I'll fix it.
I built this pen about 5 years ago before we had feral hogs regularly. It did the trick to keep cows out. Now that the hogs moved in, this upgrade was free (had the panels) and did the trick. No hogs in 3 weeks per game camera.
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