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Originally Posted by Kirby86 View Post
Very true. What I would stress more than anything is having good glass and a spotting scope. I know it may sound ludicrous and heavy, but hunting that type of terrain demands a lot out of your optics. We were chasing muleys but just happened to see those whitetails down low. If we hadn’t been up at the top of the canyon, we never would’ve seen em. Funny thing is, the buck we watched bedded down out in the wide open in pretty much waist deep grass. You’d never see him til you were on top of him if you were walking around out there. But those deer know that, and it makes them feel safe.

One other thing. If you’re smart/ballsy enough to pack a set of lightweight waders and are willing to cross the Canadian river, it’ll definitely pay off!
I went across the river a couple of days, I probably won't do that again. I would have to try some different things. I saw a lot of deer sign and have heard a lot of shots from over there. About the only living creatures I saw over there had orange on.

I hunt by myself, I really don't want to be that far from the truck. Would be a very long hike out with a deer. I have found at least four different areas, that I really like the looks of for hunting, that are not on the other side of the river. Unless I have help to get a deer out, I would not hunt on the west side of Mullinaw's crossing. I have never been to the left once you get over to the other side of the river, from the river, there are some areas, that look interesting. But I have never gone that direction. Then I also have seen some stuff that looks interesting if you do turn right or north on the other side of the river, but it's a long trip to that area.

As it is, I have found four or five areas that do not require me to cross the river, those are the places I will try next year. One area, looks very interesting, kind of surprised there were not hunters all over that area, I bet I know why. But I am really not sure. I definitely want to try that area, along with another area, that is close to that area.
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