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Originally Posted by Darkarcher159 View Post
Hunted Meredith for the last 5 days. Evans getting LOTS of activity. Saw more hunters than deer. Saw one guy riding the canyon on horse back. Found 2 camp sites. One down by the mouth of the canyon the other up on a long point that goes out in the canyon. They camped right on the end of the point. With the water up Evans is easy pickings for everyone. Saw some guys that looked like they were hunting from the boat in Martins. Time to walk farther than most people want too. A side note - we did not see a single whitetail this trip. Last 3 years saw lots of them out in the lake bed.

My conclusion on what you see, either mule deer or whitetail, seems to have a lot to do with where and how you hunt. So far out of three trips up there. I have not seen a single whitetail up there. I have read a lot, most guys either see whitetails or mule deer. If you read all they have to say, you can figure that is has to do with the areas they are hunting or how they are hunting.
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