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Made it to Evans canyon this morning at 7:00am, had a friend drop me off in his boat on the south side. Wow that canyon is huge, hunted all morning was deep in it whenever I hear about 15 rounds fired back behind me. Waited a bit to see if anything spooked my way and walked a .5 mile back out and see 6 hunters down in the canyon from the north and 2 bloody bucks just down the hill on my side. One is still alive, looked like a gut shot. They get closer and the buck jumps and they shoot him on the run. I was a bit disgusted at this point but tried to blow it off and hunt the canyon to the south of evans, saw a bunch of mule does and nothing else so I called my friend to come and get me. was out of there at 5:00pm. Saw a ton of horse tracks in the canyon but no horses. Ducks were flying but not too many. Lots of duck hunters on the lake all day. The hike to Evans was indeed much easier by boat.

My buddy and I were set up on that point and one guy walked right in front of us and set up under 400 yards. The 6 others walked in behind us and then started shooting. We also counted 15 rounds. They had AR style rifles and were using them as binos. As soon as they started shooting I told my buddy I had just seen a hunter (turns out to be you) disappear in a draw where they were shooting toward. We had those 2 forkies within 300 yards of us for 45 min but weren't going to shoot anything that small.
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