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Originally Posted by ttaxidermy View Post
I've said it from day 1 that it's all one HUGE government driven social experiment to find out everything there is to know about you, and the way you think. They then take that information to build a profile on you..
This is information they will use against you if you give them a reason to, and even if you don't..
Most of this info is info that before FB they had no possible way of getting..
All social boards collect and/or save data in some form or fashion, including TBH. The data is probably not as deep & wide but it is used for marketing and understanding your board members. (age, sex, race, industry, etc.) Someone reading thru political threads (or some of the other heated threads) could draw a lot of conclusions based on this site ain't billions of folks but it is a subset that can be cross referenced with other databases that are for sale. I agree about FB, i put very little on FB as it is rather invasive in my opinion.
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