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Originally Posted by RussLandry View Post
Went scout that area we talked about. Didn't make it all the way back, burried my truck after the section of loose rocks, like an idiot I followed the water around. Good news is I saw a ton of tracks! Gonna drive my wifes truck to the rocks in the morning and walk the rest. I'll hunt the morning then go dig my self out after the hunt. When does the rut start around here because I heard a nice grunt after I got stuck.
USUALLY AROUND Thanksgiving dependent on the temps but I have witnessed bucks getting pretty "frustrated" tearing up tree limbs and raking the stumps real good. There has been a huge increase in rubs the past week, so we're getting the about on schedule. Just hope for a turn in the temps in the next week. Its usually cooler than this by now.

I figured that area back along river would be good these days. Its a chore getting back in there but there a few feeders at the little ranch estates that draw them to that area as well as the Agriculture fields close by there.

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