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Originally Posted by RussLandry View Post
Shot me an email with the details. I just joined the forum, but plan on hunting TBR all year with and couple buddies. I am stationed in San Angelo to 2012, so I'd like to hunt for the next couple years here.

P.S. going scouting tomorrow 11/04/2009 for a place to hunt this weekend, and suggestions?


If ya have a 4 wheeler go checkout area 6 as far back in as ya can get along river. Another good spot is in Area 3 as far back up the spring creek area as ya can get. Look at areial photos and find the back fence with the cattle guard. Go thru that and back to where ya see the big pecan trees along river near a ****. A guy shot a 14 point back there last year. Warning: the road is VERY overgrown. Taking your street vehicle/truck will cause certain damage to the body/paint.
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