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Originally Posted by Harvey View Post
Back in the good 'ol days when Hafernick and I stomped around at the Buttes, we'd hardly ever see anyone else much less anyone patrolling the area. Sounds like some structured regulations are soon in store for the Buttes. I believe that will certainly be good for the stewardship of the resources out there.
My favorite fly fishing spot in the Angelo area is at the Spring Creek **** downstream from the Boys Ranch. Lot's of sunfish and small bass. BIG BASS above the dam!!!!
Hey Harvey I just started fly fishing again recently. Thanks for info. Another fun place to flyfish and bowfish is upstream from garner **** where the river splits at the "Island" go left up the east fork about 200yards to a bend in the river that forms a lilly pad covered "pond" packed full of Alligator Garr. Fun stuff on a fly rod!
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