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Originally Posted by Hafernick View Post
Didn't know about the high fence but I knew it was coming sooner or later.

Yes I meant unit IV I just forgot the roman numberal.

I will also let on a little secret of mine that I started hunting hard after sighting a 130 class coming over the dam every morning and afternoon.
There is a stretch of land that is on the Buttes side of the dam that ranges from 100 yards wide then narrows down as it runs into the south pool. When I asked the game warden if this place was legal to hunt he said no. I am not sure if he knew exactly where I was talking about but he probably did. I am guessing there is an easement of some sort aquirred during construction and you are not allowed to hunt it. Atleast this was my understanding.

Anyway, during constructin they dumped gravel over the the big rocks so the deer would have a quick access to the water. The EQ is only about waste deep in some areas and you can wade across and get to this piece of land.

You don't have to set foot on the land just below the dam. Depending on the level of the lake there should be about 30 yards of dry, flooded (at times) timber, thick with some clearings and is heavily traveled by deer on their way to water. A little bit of hand corn will stop them just long enough for a shot. I killed two doe this way. I had the buck I was hunting within 10 yards looking at me head on so I never got a chance to draw. The best thing to do is use a boat because from experience it a chore to float a deer across the EQ and then drag it to your truck.
I was Hafernick's running buddy most of the time out at "the Buttes". He was with me the day we discovered Unit 1. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We got stuck near the back and Hafernick had to be back at tract practice in an hour or less.
Good times for sure out there.

The ranch that borders Unit 1 was sold a few years ago while I was still out there. Its about 2000 acres and has quite a bit of frontage on 277 on the way to Christoval. I'd like to get back up there to see the big hunting lodge you speak of. We rattled a few bucks off that place but nothing to get a shot on and worth jumping the fence for.

I'd like to find a painting of the Buttes to hang in my office so I can be reminded of the memories everyday! Best time of my life was spent in Angelo with Hafernick and ASU buddies.
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