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You are entitled to you opinion and the right to state it, though not very maturely IMO.

If it is OK (I asked this question in an earlier post) to put up a feeder and blind before or even at the time that we received our permits, it is in contradiction to what is printed on the website. I'm asking these questions more in preparation for next year if these are acceptable and legal practices at the lake. I may go this route if it is really OK.

Choosing to not hunt a feeder does not necessarily make one lazy. I have killed quite a few animals at feeders and enjoyed it. However, my most memorable and enjoyable hunts have not had me setting over a pile of corn. I do prefer discovering game trails and staging near them versus hunting a feeder. I also like spot-in-stalk for the very nature of the challenge, though acknowledging its limits in regards to actually procuring game.
I welcome any productive / grown-up opinions. I would especially like (and do really appreciate the nice advice received already from a few) pointers and tips from those of you that are old hands at Lake G-town.
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