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Originally Posted by kestimator View Post
Where do you feel are some "less crowded" areas that I might enjoy? Sounds like you've got some experience out there? Tejas looks pretty filled up? I'm also planning on doing the "limited access" thing when they get that figured out.

Am I understanding you correctly that you and others have in fact placed and maintained stands and feeders at Lake G-town in the Summer, even thought the the website states...

Blinds, Stands and Feeders: Natural hunting blinds made of loose materials, Ashe Juniper (cedar) 3" and under in base diameter and portable blinds that are removed after each hunting trip are authorized for hunting deer, feral hogs or waterfowl. Hunting blinds or stands may not be nailed to trees. However, portable stands may be secured to trees with rope or wire if removed after each hunting trip. Feeders are authorized for deer and feral hog hunting. All blinds and feeders must be tagged with the owners name, address, phone number and date installed. Feeders may be set up one month prior to the archery season and must be removed prior to or on the last day of the deer season. All property failing to meet these requirements will be impounded. Hunters are encouraged to report all property failing to meet these requirements.

Is this OK to do?
Terri Beth acknowledged that there were practices that were " kind of OK" that went on that contradicted what the website said. Another example is the hunter education thing. Texas does not require folks in my age category to have a hunter education class, but the Lake G-town website said that you did. That is the reason that I never got around to entering the program until this year, when I and my buddy took a hunter safety course. When I went to pay the $10 registration fee, it said on that paperwork that I was exempt from the course because of my age. Oh well...
Folks also seemed to be unclear on the use of mountain bikes for hunting. Do you know what is really OK in regards to their use?

Don't get me wrong. If you ever tried to pull several hundred pounds of equipment and corns under 110 degree without lots of shade, and walked 1000 yrds or 1 mile, then, you will understand what I mean "hard work". Even, I didn't mention poison grass, skeeter, spider, rattles, ... I don't think it is hard to have this kind of weather in the early sept. People usually start to scout after they got permit in aug. I still conside this period of time is a summary time.
Again, you must tag your equipment, otherwise they will be removed by rangers. I know that happens on someone who didn't do that.
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