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Originally Posted by Rockpit TX View Post
I have heard about TD's up and down method to age deer but I havent been able to locate any thread that explains it. Can anyone help with a link
This is from one of John's threads:

I assume any deer that's going to make 125 meet a certain criteria. In other words, any 12 inch deer with 6 points ain't gonna make it. So, what I look for is an average down. Measurements that most deer that make 125 will meet or exceed. Those measurements are 15 inches inside, 20 inch beams, and 25 inches in mass. That'll give him 80 inches "down". When the deer comes in, and you wonder if he's 125, you should be able to tell if he's "80 down" instantly. Add up his points in your head. If he's "45 up", then he's 125. If it's close, then see instantly if there's anything that goes over or under the starting point measurements "down". In other words, if you can count 45 inches "up" and you're afraid to shoot, then look at his spread. Is it greater than 15, if so you're probably safe. If his mass is better, then you can add a few inches.

That's how I do it. Sounds complicated, but it works pretty quickly once you know what your "80 down" looks like. If it's close, always underguess when adding. It'll keep you out of how water. If you think a tine is 8 or 9 inches, go 8.

For S Tx deer, I start at 95 then add the tines. If I'm looking to score a potential deer to shoot then I have already decided it is a "mature" deer. As such, I have built in a few averages. Avg spread in S Tx 18's, avg beams 22"s, avg mass 32"s. I can make adjustments to 95 (I give the deer an extra inch to make myself feel he is bigger ). If I think he's 20 inside then I satrt at 97 etc. This base number should come pretty fast 5-7 seconds. Then I start adding tine length on one side and multiple by 2 assuming he matches ( 5" brow, 10" G-2, 8" G-3, 4" G-4 = 27"s x 2= 54). Add 95 to 54 and viola 149. Any kickers go on top. You can get close within 10-15 seconds. Come up with a "average" for your area.
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