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Originally Posted by GILBERT View Post
Seems like things have slowed down somewhat. For a week or so it has been a whirlwind of grief and emotions felt by everybody that "JOHN LEE" touched by his going ahead of us.

I think it is the appropriate time now to go a step further and reflect on our lifes, and ask ourselves some questions. Are we living our lifes as we should?. Think,...if i pass on right now will as many people take me to their heart as many did with "JOHN". Lets use John's exemplary life as to how we should live ours. Not only will it be beneficial for everbody but also continue John's legacy.
There was a lot of that for me personally at the funeral... I like to play the smart arse card from time to time and I really need to work on when and when not to use it. (for everything there is a season)

I used to paint my stands with "Walk with me Fred" to honor Fred Bear but it was more of a fun thing to do rather than an actual tribute (I never met Fred Bear nor did I follow his bowhunting career when I was a kid.) Might see "Walk with me John" on more than a few stands in my future.

Your point is spot on.
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