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I connected with this 9pt we named "Kansas". He had just started showing on cameras a few days before I hunted him. He is a traveling deer we have seen show up each year when the rut starts.

Here is a picture of when we first saw him 3 years ago.
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Here is a pic from this year. FYI, the taxidermist (Chance Love) had the deer's teeth at 9+.
Name:  Kansas 2018.jpg
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When I got in the tripod I set up my Ozonics to handle the current wind. About 15 minutes into my sit I had a deer snort downwind and realized the back of my neck was cold and the wind had shifted blowing my scent directly to the feeder 12 yards away! I adjusted the Ozonics and kept my fingers crossed but really thought I had no chance with this strong wind at my back and so many deer directly down wind. About 30 minutes went by and I was covered up in deer. The wind had not shifted and I kept my head directly under the ozonics. I did not have any deer snort at me and a few minutes later Kansas arrived with no alarm. The rest is on the video. Here is a link:

Sorry for the choppy video. I was running short for time in the editing department.

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