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Originally Posted by Pedernal View Post
Great info fellas... Am going to look into one of the units; if nothing else to get the funky smell out of the clothes...

For those running them in plastic containers, do the machines produce a residue??

I used to work on copy machines and most had a hiigh voltage system. There was a channel that contained & isolated a thin wire running high voltage to produce an opposite charge and therefore an attraction to toner particles.

This system as I was told would produce ozone as a byproduct of the high voltage. During maintenance you could smell and see residue all over the channel containing the charge wire.

These are coils for an ozone generator, the one on the right is the old one, you can see a residue/oxide has formed on the coil, which made it ineffective and not producing ozone. This appears more like corrosion to me, and could probably easily be cleaned off, but I had new ones so I just replaced it. This unit sat unused for almost two years, when I put it up it was working perfectly.

If you’re asking does it leave a residue on the clothes, no, I have seen no residue at all.
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