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Default Bobcat

Back in April a buddy of mine found 4 kittens while cleaning out an old feed barn in far WTx. Pre-eyes opening. I snagged one, bottle feed her up and now she's 4 months old and being transitioned from our house to the ranch. She's incredibly athletic and agile. Not aggressive at all except when she's eating. Kiddo had one run in with her and got a little slap across the face. I've always taught my dogs to be cool while eating and he crawls all over them, but little miss kitty doesn't train like a dog. She does whatever the heck she wants to do. Between that and my wife one day saying "That's it, she's done. We've got a counter-surfer", kitty is headed to the ranch...She can vert 3' and make it look easy.
My hope is to make one heck of a mouser and barn bobcat out of her.
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