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If you have the space, it makes sense to me to be prepared with extras of the things you normally use. Buy a couple weeks worth of the canned goods you normally eat and as you use them, replenish them. Keep a few 5-gallon containers of gas in the garage and once a month dump them into your truck tank and refill them. Buy a couple extra boxes of ammo for your deer rifle, a decent medical kit, and pull a grand in small bills out of your savings. You'll be set for a 2-4 weeks with minimal investment.

It is foolish to me that so many "preppers" invest thousands of dollars into stuff they'll never use, like 2 years worth of MRE's that won't get eaten and be thrown out. Most of their families would be better off if they put the money in a mutual fund, college fund, or even just savings. Seriously, what scenario do you envision where you'll be shooting 5,000 rounds of .22, .223, or 9mm ammo? Going to war daily with raiding parties? Not to mention a lot of those guys are so fat they couldn't sprint up a flight of stairs.

I agree that if it is the end of the world, I'll happily go to heaven. A Katrina-type disaster is what I'd prepare for.

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