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Originally Posted by RascalArms View Post
You are such a HERO!

Hey Kevin, I'll go ahead and pick up the dz onions and japs too since I'll be getting the other produce.

Updated list:

Fajitas - 5-6 cases @ $60/case 1-SKLOSS, POCO, livetohunt65, 1 -RascalArms

Onions - 1 dozen RascalArms

Yellow Bell Pepper - 1 dozen -RascalArms

Red Bell Pepper - 1 dozen -RascalArms

Jalapenos - 2-3 dozen -RascalArms

Pico - No Walkin STX Hank

Salsa - Witchgrass

Tortillas - 20 dozen

Grill - SKLOSS

Griddle - SKLOSS

Propane - SKLOSS

Tables - 2-3 SMART Team CW

Cutting board/knives - SKLOSS

Fire Extinguisher - Team Chicken Wangs

Aluminum foil sheets 9x11? - 1 box - SKLOSS

Aluminum pans - 1 dozen -SMART

EZ up tent - SKLOSS

Looks like outside of maybe a little more funds for the cases of meat we only need someone to bring tortillas. And maybe a table or two more just in case.

You da man!! I'll get the tillas. Looks like it's SKLOSS and RascalArms carrying the team this year. I'll bring some tables too. I've seen what Todd does on his tables. It's illegal in 37 countries!!

Oh look a squirrel!!
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